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How to burglar-proof your new air conditioner installation

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With summer just around the corner a lot of households are opting in to install a brand new (or used) air conditioner to stay cool. One of the lesser known facts about air conditioners that is that they actually may present a burglary risk if the window is in a location that can be reached. Someone can remove the air conditioner and steal it (depending on the model it could be a serious investment in and of itself) or pull it out and climb through the window. 
Fair Service Heating, who recently sponsored the University of Manitoba Autonomous Agents Lab, has some tips on how to burglar proof your air conditioner installation. 
First of all if you have a choice, don't mount the air conditioner on the first story window as for obvious reasons it will pose the highest risk. If you do end up having to put it on the first floor you can always remove the air conditioner after the hottest months pass instead of letting it sit there idle. 
Make sure you use all the screws and brackets provided with the with unit. Yes it may seem stable enough with only a portion of them in place but make no mistake it is not fit securely. Not only will it be easier to break into but it also poses a safety issue for anyone underneath. Complete the installation as per instructions or have a professional do it.  
If you want another serious level of safety you can opt to install metal window cage on the outside. It is unsightly but if you are a street level in a busy are it may be just the level of protection that you need. 
Finally you can always install security cameras on remote alarm system. It may not be cheap but provides excellent protection.