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Need a new or replacement key for your vehicle ? Transponder Key ? Remote Head Key ?

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Need a new or replacement key for your vehicle ? Transponder Key ? Remote Head Key ?
Pop-A-Lock Victoria is able to cut and program a key for any make or model.  Give us a call to quote a price for service.

It is estimated, in Canada that there are over 25 mm vehicles (1) registered in this country used for personal and business use coast to coast.  This number includes off road vehicles and snowmobiles.  In every case, these vehicles need a key or a credential to key them started and operating.


The vehicle key market changed in Canada in 2007, when all new cards sold in the country had immobilisers installed to increase vehicle security.  Cars could not be started unless the right key was matched to right vehicle. 


The technology continues to evolve in the automobile each year and keys, or “smart keys” as we have come to describe them come in a variety of different forms.


Ranging from basic keys for vintage models (mid 90’s and earlier), transponder chip keys, laser cut keys, sidewinder keys, remote keyless entry products and credentials today that plug into a dashboard or just need to be in proximity to the vehicle to start the car.


The keys have become expensive and in particular if purchased at a dealer.  It may require you to have the vehicle towed to the dealer and sit for several days waiting for key to be cut and programmed.


Professionally trained mobile locksmiths are able to meet you at your home or business and restore drive-ability in 30 minutes.


Don't be caught with only 1 key for your vehicle.  Consider having a duplicate key made to protect against those situations where the key has gone missing or damaged.


As a consumer:


Be prepared:  Ensure you have “key insurance” – have at least 2 keys for your vehicle on hand. 


Trusted Locksmith:  If you need a replacement or duplicate key, call a locksmith.  Do not buy the cheapest key you can find online.  There are a great deal of bad, after market keys being sold online.  Do you research.  Some remote head keys or key less entry options have a variety of button features; doors, windows, sunroof, trunk, panic and remote starting.


Mobile Locksmith:  Will save you hundreds of dollars in towing charges and having your vehicle sit for days waiting for a replacement key at the dealer.